Lifestyle Ironing Centre

Is your home-space starved for floor space? Tired of unpacking, erecting, then re-stowing that clumsy conventional ironing board? Concerned about the cost of installing a complex, cabinet-style ironing center?

Better LifeStyle Products brings you the ideal solution. The wall mounted LifeStyle Ironing Centre combines convenience, space efficiency, inconspicuous style and amazing affordability in one smart, simple package, designed for quick and easy D-I-Y installation.

We’ve spent nearly 10 years perfecting this concept. In January 2003, we demonstrated our confidence in the final design by exhibiting the LifeStyle Ironing Centre at the Chicago International Housewares Show. And winning rave reviews.

What showgoers liked about the LifeStyle Ironing Centre:

  • Full-size ironing surface – 43½”/110cm x 15”/37cm.
  • Simple-fast installation – Easy D-I-Y one-stud-unit installation, you only need to locate one wall stud
  • Sturdy yet contemporary design
  • Takes up minimal wall space, and protrudes only 4 inches in stowaway state
  • Subtly stylish, detachable decorative cover
  • Opens parallel to the wall; OR swivels and locks at any angle between zero and 180 degrees
  • Durable, quality cover with sewn-in padding, to minimize movement during ironing
  • All-inclusive accessories – chrome-plated iron rest and built-in, extendable clothes rack, plus all required mounting hardware (no tradesmen or special tools needed)
  • Portability – easy to de-mount and install in a new room or building; packs comfortably into a car trunk; weighs only about 24lbs
  • Unbeatable value – recommended retail price of just AUD$279.00 + shipping, compared to AUD$300-$500 for other ironing centers offering similar (but not as much) functionality
  • These boards are ideal for the physically-challenged or wheelchair-bound users

The wall mounted LifeStyle Ironing Centre is particularly practical for installation in confined spaces, such as narrow hallways, studio apartments, walk-in closets, TV rooms, boats, trailer homes, RPVs, shop and theater dressing rooms, motel units, holiday cabins, rest homes, hospitals and clinics, airport facilities, etc.

But, even where space is not a problem, you can still enjoy the many benefits of a practical, stylish and affordable LifeStyle Ironing Centre. Check them, again:


  • Easy to install – locate just one wall stud, no special tools or expertise required
  • Ready to use in seconds
  • Board swivels to any desired angle
  • Height adjustment kit – available soon

Space Saving

  • Replace that clumsy, space-hungry old ironing board
  • Re-assign floor and storage space to other uses, or simply reduce clutter


  • Half the cost of most ironing centers
  • Full-size ironing board
  • Includes iron rest and clothes rack
  • 3-year warranty

Design Quality

  • Highest quality materials
  • Very stable ironing surface